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A Latte More Than Coffee is a charming espresso bar nestled in the mountain town of Evergreen, Colorado.  Started in February of 2004, this privately owned business offers its customers a high quality product. The owner, Barbara Lombardi, set out to provide the community with a unique coffee experience.  She has gone a few steps beyond that.

After sampling dozens of coffee beans from various roasteries both in-state & out-of-state, Barbara decided on a local roaster located in the Denver area that uses the true European method of roasting.  All of the beans purchased by A Latte More Than Coffee are quality 100% Arabica beans. Irazu Estate beans get their start in the rich lava soil of Costa Rica, where there is no artificial fertilizer used and the growing beans are nurtured in the shade trees that populate the area. These shade trees are grown to sustain the natural Costa Rican eco-system, protect the migratory homes of birds, and act as a natural defense against erosion.  The freshly picked coffee beans are then sun-dried, not chemically processed, to preserve the flavor and moisture inside the bean.  All of this pampering produces a 100% organic coffee bean.

Along with providing a quality product to her customers, Barbara also wanted to become part of the Fair Trade movement. All of the coffee beans that she purchases are “Fair Trade Certified.”  What does Fair Trade mean?  When you purchase an item that has the mark of “Fair Trade Certified”, the farmer received a fair price for the purchase of their product, enabling the farmers to live with dignity and invest in their families, community and the environment.

Barbara goes a step further than the 100% organic coffee for her customers.  All of the
A Latte More Than Coffee
coffee beans are roasted using the European Roasting Method. This careful method optimizes flavor which effectively neutralizes harmful acids. This results in beans that are pH balanced. High Heat Roasting is a method that ALWAYS raises the acid level in coffee beans and is what can make coffee bitter and often leads to coffee drinkers suffering with a sour stomach. Beans are then roasted when ordered, making the beans fresh, and produces some of the finest coffee the world has to offer.  These are some of the smoothest and best tasting coffees you could ever treat yourself to.

For those customers of A Latte More Than Coffee who prefer a decaffeinated coffee, Barbara has a treat for them as well.  All of the coffee beans that are decaffeinated are processed using the Swiss Water Fusion Method.  This gentle, natural method does not use formaldehyde during the process.  (Formaldehyde is traditionally used to decaffeinate coffee beans.)  The Swiss Water Fusion Method combined with European Roasting produce beans that are 100% decaffeinated with no bitter taste.  More traditional methods can produce coffee that is bitter and can lead to the coffee drinker suffering from headaches, even migraines.

The customers at A Latte More Than Coffee have a diverse selection of coffee bean tastes to choose from.  Barbara offers a variety of fresh brewed coffee and also espresso favorites for sale.  Whole beans are also available for purchase in their original form or ground to meet the need of her customers’ individual coffee brewers.  Smooth, rich full bodied beans have been selected by Barbara herself for the coffee connoisseur to enjoy.  Barbara has painstakingly blended several types of beans to produce her “Special Blends.”  There are five distinctive blends in her inventory, one sure to make her customers coffee experience a memorable one.  Along with the unique blends of coffee available at A Latte More Than Coffee, Barbara offers a Velvet Roast, French Roast and Dark Roast coffee beans.

A Latte More Than Coffee offers several regional beans to tempt the palette.  There are traditional favorites: Brazilian, Columbian and Sumatra Mandehling.  For a more exotic experience for customers to savor there is Ethiopian Yergicheffe, Blue Sumatra, Kenya, Italian, Zanzibar Peaberry, Brazilian Limu and Mexican Altura.  Barbara has even stocked flavored coffee beans for those who prefer a little spice in their brew.

When Barbara’s customers stop in, they are treated to warm and wonderful sights and smells.  She will even on occasion give you a lesson in coffee nutrition.  Yes, drinking coffee can be good for you.  New studies show that coffee is rich in antioxidants and has potential health benefits including protection against liver and colon cancer, Type 2 diabetes and Parkinson’s Disease.

A Latte More Than Coffee is far more than just an espresso bar. The pride that Barbara has in her product is very evident by the quality and variety of the coffee beans that she carries.  If you enjoy drinking coffee but haven’t found a bean that you really like, try A Latte More Than Coffee.